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 Guide Us Into Arts Two!

The project is based on GUIA! partnership which became an example of good practice in 2013 and addresses organizations experienced in inclusive and participatory work, especially in the field of performing arts; theatre, dance, music...

The meetings will consist of:

  • Practical workshops for disabled participants, lead by host organization

  • Professional teachers and trainees from partner organizations will attend these workshops,

  • Post-session debriefings will exchange methodologies and experiences towards achieving monitoring and output measures,

  • Public presentations to increase participation in European citizenship, promote discussions on disability & employability issue and enhance Disability Festivals,

  • Steering groups and committee meetings.

The project will achieve:

  • reducing prejudice and enhancing social and artistic inclusion,

  • empowering participants by addressing their self-stigma and inviting them to join in this inclusive European educational program,

  • development of inclusive methodologies for working with disabled people,

  • learning through the sharing of professional knowledge.

The project acknowledges all participants as equal partners on the way to integration and to overcome stigmatization, marginalization, exclusion. Not only to guide them towards, but really to lead them “into” the arts, as active participants and artists.

During 210 days of 7 educational workshops for 100 participants (of which at least 18 are participants with disability) accompanied by 18 assistants, individual post-workshop public performances and 3 disability multiple-days festivals, participants and partners will produce and publish:

  • Final photo exhibition,

  • Digital Stories - short educational videos from all meetings,

  • Website with educational materials (video, e-Manual, photos, descriptions of methods)

  • E-Manual and a printed version - with all methods, experiences of participants, evaluation results and recommendations by experts (educators)

  • Photographic documentary on the project and project partner organization

GUIA2! Web site will serve as a web tool where disabled people and teachers/trainees can upload their impressions, and where examples of best practice about working with arts and disabled people can be found.

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