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GUIA 2! is working to empower and improve employability of people with disability (PWD) and art-educators (EDU) who work for and with this population.

GUIA2! uses artistic education to address the immediate needs of PWD and EDU by combating marginalization and social discrimination but also low basic skills which are present due to high levels of self-stigma and low self-esteem.

GUIA2! promotes inclusion of PWD and EDU, both of whom are often marginalized in society and in education, and provides them with an international place in which they can find autonomy, mastery and purpose.

GUIA2! will have an positive impact on PWD and invite them to join non/formal/education (e.g. in 2013, disability was the main reason for males not joining the education – 20,5%) and raise their employability skills (Eurostat 2011: 17,4% PWD unemployed, almost double the rate of unemployment among those without disability – 10,2%). At the same time, international sharing will motivate educators to work in this field, share knowledge, learn, network and grow professionally. This, in turn, will enrich the human resources of partner organizations, regardless of their “non”- disability status.

Partners will learn different methods and different "levels" of inclusion, get new motivation and ideas for education and empowering of PWD, educators and assistants in their local setting all the while networking and preparing the ground for an even larger network which would impact the whole Europe.

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