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“A Pioneering University in Education and Science”

Since Akdeniz University was founded on July 20th 1982 in Antalya – Turkey, it has experienced a process of continuous evolution and growth to the point where, with its 24 faculties, 7 institutes, 1 school, 1 conservatory, 12 vocational schools and 54 research and application centres, it can provide quality higher educational services in a wide range of different fields, and enjoys a reputation for being an innovative and dynamic university in its approach to developing scientific research and applications at an international level. Akdeniz University offers 510 programmes at undergraduate and graduate degrees. There are 74,000 students and 2,700 academic staff at the university. Akdeniz University is a member of the European University Association (EUA).

Akdeniz University is determined to continue its work with the mission of providing education and scientific production at a universal level through high quality academic programmes, contributing to transformation of information to technology, meeting the needs of society at the highest level in the fields of knowledge and technology as well as artistic, social, cultural and other areas.

The vision of Akdeniz University is to become a distinguished university which continuously enhances the quality of its work in the fields of research, education, art and technology; which is sensitive to the environment; which is entrepreneurial, and which is recognized internationally for its scientific work.


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CeKaTe is a public sociocultural institution founded in 1980 by the City of Zagreb. It is governed by a Board of Directors and a Statute. Article 54. of the Statute sets its general values and defines them as a non-profit, transparent, ecological, and democratic decision making cultural institution that has a mandate to develop and implement local and international community beneficial programmes primarily (but not exclusively) in fields culture, arts and (non-)formal education. Those activities are planned by the Council of Experts and include performative, visual, musical arts performances, workshops and exhibitions as well as public lectures, debates, forums, workshops of (non-)formal education and many other programmes for all ages and social groups. It has 13 staff members and consist of three main departments: Administrative-governing, Programme, and Technical.



TEATRALIE is a non-profit association focused on different aspects of using theatre with different groups in various fields. The main projects are: support of a theatre Ujeto (; workshops and trainings concentrated on using theatre in education, social work, community services or therapy; a studio oriented on basic research of theatre with specific groups and transformation of old and current theatre forms or development of new ones; supervision concerning work in above-mentioned groups and fields. TEATRALIE was founded in 2014 by a small group of drama therapists and theatre professionals who had met many years before during their common and continuous theatre and drama therapy work. The founding members form a basic executive and performing part but cooperate with a vast number of theatre makers and other artists to fulfill and realize aims and projects of the organization. Many events and projects of Teatralie are placed in a small theatre in Prague – Divadlo Kampa (, especially theatre performances, rehearsals and studio projects. Other events usually take place at different rented locations according to specific needs of the projects.



De ZEYP is a community center with many activities in the socio cultural and arts fields. They welcome around 35000 visitors a year. Most of them are from the local community and around 25 % is coming from all over the Brussels region. About 80 % of their visitors are between 30 and 80 years old.  For children they organize mainly theatre (visited by primary schools) and arts workshops. Their program is very broad: theatre, literature, music, exhibitions and education. All of it with amateur and professional arts. The centre is located in Ganshoren, situated in the North-West of Brussels and one of the smallest communes of the Brussels Region counting 20.000 inhabitants on a surface area of 2.5 km². In GC De Zeyp, 14 people are employed. On several projects, De Zeyp works with volunteers from the neighborhood.


Blauschimmel Atelier e.V. / GERMANY

Blauschimmel Atelier was founded in 1998 as a non-profit organization. Here people from all parts of social life have the possibility to discover and develop their creative potential. In Blauschimmel people with and without disabilities have the chance to meet and to create art together. The Blauschimmel Atelier offers weekly courses and workshops in performing arts, fine arts, mask-performance and -building and music. The courses and workshops are led by professional artists and are open to everybody. Beside the weekly programme Blauschimmel organizes and realizes workshops, art projects, exhibitions, stage performances, concerts and sociocultural projects. Their aim is to show the created results in public performances to show the incredible creative and thrilling energy and artistic variety of the common work. With the means of art the Blauschimmel Atelier provides a place of inclusion, where new cultural impacts can develop and where people with and without disabilities, of different generations, cultures and from different social living conditions can meet and be creative together under professional conditions.


Stowarzyszenie Pracownia Filmowa "Cotopaxi" / POLAND

Cotopaxi Film Workshop Association is a non-profit organization established in 2008. The aim of the Association is to promote culture particularly in the area of film, to promote knowledge, science and culture, formation of attitudes of civic responsibility and also to support NGOs in Poland and abroad by promoting their activity in audiovisual form. The Association pursues these objectives through the creation of audiovisual materials and also through organizing workshops, conferences and reviews. The Association realizes projects in collaboration with schools, social assistance centers, support centers for disabled people. The projects are also co-financed by national grants. Among other things, the Association realized a scientific conference concerning the social prevention and social exclusion, including people with disabilities. The Association works for the implementation and development of social research methods with the use of audiovisual methods (participatory video). Using the artistic, scientific and animation experience in the field of social issues, the Association builds and strengthens relationships with local communities. Members of the Association implement social policy in their professional work, including active involvement in Social Policy Institute at the University of Warsaw.


Arts & Disability Forum (ADF) / NORTHERN IRELAND, UK

Founded in 1993, the Arts & Disability Forum is an arts charity led by disabled and deaf people, with a membership of disabled and deaf people, non-disabled allies, and organisations with an interest in Arts & Disability/Disability Arts practice. Their mission is to be a catalyst to empower disabled and deaf people who are interested in the arts, promoting artistic excellence and equity of access to arts and culture. The vision is of a genuinely inclusive arts environment, where any disabled/deaf person can be involved in any way.  Working across the whole of the disability spectrum, it delivers: increased access to and representation in culture by disabled/deaf people,  enhanced skills for disabled/deaf artists, increased wellbeing for disabled/deaf people via social connections and the pride of a community, greater societal tolerance and celebration of diversity. The University of Atypical is the new working name for the Arts & Disability Forum, which is a charity registered in Northern Ireland, NIC101588, and also a limited company NI051776. Membership is free to disabled and deaf individuals and others can join for a small fee. Income from donations and sales goes into our unique year-round programme supporting disabled and deaf artists and audiences.

University of Atypical is the new working name for the Arts & Disability Forum. Web site link:

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