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Workshop 1


Venue: Oldenburg, Germany


Description of the event: Programme will start by visiting Blauschimmel Atelier and learning about the Blauschimmel concept, including experimental music (for musicians and non-musicians), theater and improvisation, discussion of the experiences, if possible joining one of the regular Blauschimmel activities with our participants, (“Montagsblaustelle”). Common warming up for everybody then practical workshop in mask playing experimental music, small performance to show each other what we have been doing, discussion of the experiences, watch films which show Blauschimmel projects. Work outdoor activities in Oldenburg for the group join the regular Blauschimmel program if wanted and possible (quire “ChorGonzola”). The main point of reference is the further artistic development of the individual and the group and the joint work on presentable productions. In this workshops the participants will learn about this very special Blauschimmel approach and understanding of inclusion in the fields of arts. It will enable the participants to use these methods in their own work at home, to develop them and adjust them to their own field and to the persons they work with. It will enhance their knowledge and also their motivation because it's learning by doing and learning by having fun together.

Workshop 2


Venue: Antalya, Turkey


Description of the event: Participants will think about their culture and find a specific cultural activity and talk about it. The activities can be celebrating birthday, New Year, a festival, preparing a dinner or hosting a friend. Facilitator encourages participants to talk about one of these or whatever they want. This introduction part will raise cultural awareness among participants and also develop participants’ imagination. During the next stages of the workshop facilitators encourage them to use drama to act some part of this cultural activity in groups since being in a group can make participants feel self-esteem and more relax. This activity will improve listening and observation skills of the participants. They will also learn to concentrate longer. In this workshop facilitators use icebreakers to form new groups. Facilitators give information about "Event, Space, Character" drama technique. Facilitators want participants to say an event, a space and a character from their countries/culture and write them down on different papers. These papers will put in a bag. Participant groups will take papers randomly. Facilitators give time to groups to think about a small drama about the words they take. For example; laughing, hospital, tourist; or gossip, disco, businessman. Facilitators encourage groups to use drama to act their story that they made up according to the event, space and character.

Workshop 3


Venue: Prague, Czech Republic


Description of the event: Menteatrál is the theater festival where are presented theatre groups working with people with learning disabilities. Is a unique platform for the presentation of Czech, Slovak and foreign groups, which profess similar way of the theater work, and that there should not only present, but also to meet outside the stage and spend together a several days full of performances and upcoming workshops. Workshop on using theatre in education of mentally challenged adults will include learning about organization of disability festivals, participation as performers - participation as audience members or volunteers. Methods used in a workshop: drama therapy approach, improvisational techniques, body work, individual and group work. Workshop on using theatre in education & Focus group for educators and helping organization of disability festivals. Methods will be used in a workshop: theatre and non-formal education combined approach, text work, group work. Workshop on using theatre in education & Focus group for educators.  Methods will be used in a workshop: theatre oriented approach, acting focused techniques, mask work, principles of Commedia dell´arte work.

Workshop 4

HOST: GUIA partners will visit, network, participate and learn from Bounce Arts Festival.

Venue: United Kingdom


Description of the event: Presentations from local companies involved in inclusive participatory arts with disabled/deaf people and local familiarisation. After beginning Bounce Festival Public workshops will be organized during the day (GUIA participants choose what they want to attend). Launch event in gallery from 5-7pm with light food and drink. Evening performance at local theatre 7.30pm. Socialization with local artists after performance. Focus group discussions and/or slow workshops at 4pm. Evening performance at local theatre at 7.30pm.  Socialization with local artists after performance.

Workshop 5


Venue: Brussels, Belgium


Description of the event: Since the activity is a workshop/festival a larger group of artists with handicaps, together with the arts facilitators from the partner organisation will be present. There for some parts are mixed activities where participants can choose. - participants introductory exercise - group building activity - slight/video showcase on previous productions/work of the partners theatre/dance groups, - Official welcome session with speakers from Brussels authorities and the national organisation for arts and disability. Choice between 2 workshops: theatre – dance. Visit De Linde (cultural centre Haren-Brussels) with exhibitions and activities on participatory arts. Belgian Guest group.  Workshop: how to evaluate performance/ dialogue with performers. Second guest performance from partner theatre group. Guided visit behind the stages of a large theatre hall in Brussels. Performance from ZET6 theatre group, De Zeyp. Tourist sightseeing in Brussels.

Workshop 6


Venue: Warsaw, Poland


Description of the event: workshop will be organized in which participants will learn directly, through experience, using equipment and creating, with guidance by facilitators. Developmental workshop with usage of the video – from audience to creators. Familiarization with equipment, vanishing family portrait, camera man basic working skills. Director basic working skills. Basic working skills with sound and Interviews in groups. Exercise with the role change, with role changing. Meeting with participants of the project „House from the inside”. Basics of editing, issues of ethic and values, usage of PV in partner`s activities, evaluation. Learning outcomes for professionals working with mentally challenged people is knowledge in learning theory of working in group with usage of Participatory Video method, knowledge from the working field of Participatory Video method with different groups, particularly with mentally challenged people, basic knowledge about the realisation of audio-visual production, acquirement of basic film terminology, discovering sources of knowledge about working with PV method and other activities with usage of audio-visual forms, extension of knowledge about psychosocial functioning of mentally challenged people. For mentally challenged people knowledge about realisation of audio-visual production, knowledge about functioning and problems of mentally challenged people in other countries. For the above groups, during this workshop, special skills and social competencies will also be acquired.


Workshop 7


Venue: Zagreb, Croatia


Description of the event: will be used drama-action model for exploring the subject of the project. This model has been developed on a scientific basis (for a PhD) and it has been proven on local and international level. It has been accepted by the scientists community as a research and education model/instrument. Drama-action model combines advantages of social science and performative arts to achieve educational and advocacy outputs. Drama-action model ends with a public performance and discussion with the audience - which enables dissemination and raises visibility. It is an educators instrument that has been proven on scientific, local and international level in working with PWD and we plan to share this model with partners. It is an instrument that enables participants to educate and be educated through direct experience and participation; conduct research and raise visibility and awareness about a subject in the general population. Participants will: raise their Key Competences: cultural awareness and expression, learning to learn, social and civic skills, learn how to set and use drama-action model in their educational work with PWD and other populations. Experience public performance and learn how to present themselves. Extend their knowledge in working with PWD on international level. Be given a platform for sharing their knowledge. Also, media coverage and presence from the local government and community will be ensured by a public performance and exhibition held at the workshop/performance site.

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